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 Omoigawa Parking Lot – Oyama city – Tochigi Prefecture

This ARS SONORA® was designed and installed by the PACCARD Group’s Japanese agent, Mr. Ogiri, of Carillonneur, Ltd.  It’s location in the Omoigawa parking lot allows many people, both drivers and pedestrians, to enjoy it as they come and go.


It has nine (9) bells that are rung by a HARMONY Controller, and one manually operated bell, controlled by a rope, that is used for special occasions.

The tower clock has 3 faces, each equipped with hands shaped like a G clef.  The ARS SONORA starts to play when the wind catches the weather vane and moves it.

During the Christmas season, it is decorated with LED lights that look like little fairies.  It’s a beautiful piece of sculpture that has become a popular landmark used by local drivers as a reference point.


The PACCARD Group and Carillonneur Ltd. are designing and installing similar pieces all over Japan, blending sculpture and music in a way that is uniquely ARS SONORA®.

Enhancing a site and creating a special atmosphere are just two of the benefits of having an  ARS SONORA® installation.


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