PACCARD exhibits its products in the first Catholic Trade Fair in Philippines : CHURCHES 2008

PACCARD exhibits its products at the first Catholic Trade Fair in the Philippines CHURCHES 2008. The product shown are :

• a 18 bells carillon equipped with our new dynamic electro-strikers. It plays hymns, tunes and melodies. Some famous Philippinos tunes are played lively by the excellent organist of the Cathedral of Manilla Mr Alexandro Conselacion. Visitors are very pleased and amazed of the sound quality - softness, deepness and mellowness - of the bells. Played automatically via our HARMONY Controller or lively via the organ keyboard, the musician gets a perfect control of the sound power because of the use of the dynamic strikers.

• Campanuna bells : customized and personalized bells for those of you who likes beautiful handmade products. Fully customizable online on www.campanuna.com Campanuna is the first and only website which let you create your owns bells. The size of the bells available online are from a diameter of 160 mm to maximum 390 mm. The website will soon open in the USA at www.campanuna-bell.com



During the exhibition our partner Carillon Technology came to Churches 2008 with several very qualified specialists :

VITRE ARTUS specialized in the creation of Stained Glass the company is directed by Robert Cruz www.vitreartus.com

DIEGO CERA ORGAN BUILDERS directed by Cealwyn Tagle visit http://pipeorgan.diegocera.com/

Carillon Technology is our partner for South East Asia. With two offices, one in Manilla Philippines phone +632 847 2647 and one in Singapore phone +65 6288 4889, Paccard covers Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Honk kong, Brunei. Carillon technology is run by Mr Roster Wu working in the bell business for more than 18 years with numerous installation done in all those countries.

CARILLON TECHNOLOGY website is visible at http://www.carillontechnology.com/


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