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 PACCARD Museum – New Face, new Interior

To In celebration of its 22nd birthday, the PACCARD Bell Museum got a facelift and a new logo, featuring our mascot, Campanelle®, who represents the innovative spirit and creative force behind the PACCARD legacy of bell making.

The new entrance hall

The Museum is drawing more visitors than ever before. In 2006 alone, we saw a 15% increase in the number of people visiting us, and we know those numbers will continue to grow.

From project...


...to reality !





A metallic yellow, for a warm and lively atmosphere.

The completely remodeled interior was finished in January of 2007 with the addition of new video rooms, a new entrance hall, and new windows providing natural light to highlight our collections.

The display rooms were freshly painted in a rich, warm, metallic yellow that is reminiscent of a bell’s patina after polishing, serving as the perfect complement to the majestic ancient bells and their age-weathered greens and grays.
The renovations were completed with the installation of a beautifully restored plaque behind the reception desk. This magnificent piece of art, restored by Mr. David Ughetto, a master foundry worker in the PACCARD Bell Foundry, is a true monument bearing the traditional PACCARD stamp.

More than anything, the PACCARD Bell Museum is our monument to quality, excellent service, and our commitment to meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations.  It’s our showroom, and it’s truly a magical place that will pull you back to your roots, so we hope you’ll visit us soon.  You’ll get a real sense of the history behind the PACCARD bell-making legacy, and you’ll leave with a better appreciation for the beauty and wonder of these unique instruments.  We’ve been inspiring artists, poets, sculptors and architects for over two centuries.  Come visit and the PACCARD Bell Museum and be inspired yourself !

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